Conflict at work can be complex – HR and management and teams can get mired in the frustration and disruption. We help leaders and employees, advisors and team navigate communication and change, problem people, systems and structures.

Joan McLeod, Conflict Navigator Founder and President

  • WORK WITH YOU Save time, get kick-ass support and get people back to work – harassment prevention and resolution, determine systemic issues, transform problem workplaces or relationship dynamics. You want through disruption with speed, sense and accountability. No matter your issue or level, call us. Our interim managers, mediators and coaches can help supporting every step of the way.
  • WORKSHOPS AND WEBINARS  Tired of poorly handled workplace conflicts? Learn the secrets of healthy conflict and dealing with incivility, bullies, lack of trust and barriers to teamwork with elegance and grace. Find the clarity you need to ensure confidence, collaboration and eased tension for colleagues and clients alike.
    • Build competency and coach/support change deal with difficult people, see through blind spots and limit the tough resistors so they engage and work with you.
    • Understand strengths, weaknesses, triggers and conflict blind spotsuncover how resistance is being sustained to quash drama, disruption and unnecessary difficulty.
    • Repair deep systemic, structural dysfunction and bad morale brilliant easy ways that uncover sources and problems so the fix is easy. Understand and overcome resistance – know what to do painlessly.
  • CULTURE AND MORALE CHANGE change that can dive deep into organizational concerns, help leaders perform and get back the key values, engagement, standards and fun that comes with great morale.
  • FACILITATION, MEDIATION, CONSULTINGstructured and facilitated informal discussion meetings for healthy interaction and results that will last. Amazing results with large groups, restorative processes, circle and open space discussion.

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The conflict management spectrum is HUGE. Do you need to do ANYTHING? Maybe not….it takes just 1 call and about 30 minutes for one of our specialist coaches to determine if we can save you time, money and stress – we’ll tell you outright if you need a lawyer, consultant, facilitator or mediator…or coach. Click here to arrange a call with us using our online form.

We’ll assess where you are at in your situation, and show you the next step toward better results.

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If you’re tired of or HATE conflict, or hope to prevent it let us help. We’ll be there to design, guide and support with facilitation, coaching, mediation or team and system restoration services.

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