WORKPLACE CONFLICT and COMPLAINTS demotivate and cost! 


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Joan McLeod, Conflict Navigator Founder and President

Need kick-ass support for better problem resolution?  We’re specialists helping people like you with proactive neutral and principled support and facilitation, no matter your role – we there, every step of the way.

CONFLICT ANALYSIS and ASSERTIVENESS MAPPING Get a specialist conflict coach on your side so difficult communication, people, authorities and barriers to change are easily overcome without escalation, litigation and drama.  We support you and the team through next steps to reduce stress and solve issues.

WORKSHOP, WEBINARS  Learn the skills and tools for healthy conflict resolution and ensure bystander awareness that dis-empowers workplace bullies and poor performers, rebuilds trust and eases stress and tension.

REPAIR SYSTEMIC DYSFUNCTION Support change overcome resistance within and between groups so they engage and happily work with you. Use our tools to understand strengths, triggers, blind spots and bad morale. Our toolkit offers brilliant ways to map out options so you know can overcome embedded problems and know exactly what to do.

MEDIATION/GROUP FACILITATION and CONFLICT/COMPLAINT SYSTEMS  We structure facilitated informal options for people, groups and conferences, ensuring healthy interaction, clear feedback and results that last. Restorative processes, circle and open space discussion: collaborative options include workplace assessment, harassment prevention and resolution help to  determine systemic issues, transform problem workplaces and address toxic relationship dynamics.


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The conflict and complaint management spectrum is HUGE. You want to avoid cost, litigation and tackle concerns early…it takes just 1 call and about 30 minutes! One of our specialists will help you find the right option to save time, money and stress, – we’ll tell you outright if you don’t need us, or if you’re better to use the advice of a lawyer.

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If you’re tired of or HATE conflict, or hope to prevent it let us help. We’ll be there to design, guide and support with facilitation, coaching, mediation or team and system restoration services.

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